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Your Salt water chlorinator specialists.

We love salt chlorinators. And so will you!

IntelliChlor and IChlor salt water chlorinators


A Chlorinator with diagnostic capabilities, including cell life tracking. Captures all performance data daily. Intellichlor chlorinators have easy push-button operation and easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of salt levels, chlorinator cell cleanliness, cell sanitizer output, and water flow.

Automatic shut-off feature protects the chlorinator and prolongs chlorinator cell life under low water temperature conditions. 3 year warranty


Available sizes:

  • IChlor (50'000l max)

  • Intellichlor IC20 (75'000l max)

  • Intelichlor IC 40 (150'000l max)

  • Intellichlor IC 60 (220'000l max)

Why should you buy a chlorinator? It's an easy choice...


  • I am sure you are concerned with the side effects of pool chemicals on your family, friends, and yourself. A salt water chlorinated pool is a far healthier option than a costly, chemically dosed pool.

  • Salt chlorinators work by using added table salt to your pool water, to produce pure chlorine gas off of the cell when the water passes over it. This process occurs due to a small electrical charge between opposing plates inside of the chlorinator cell.  When this charge is added through the chlorinator cells to the water the salt is split into its two components, sodium and chlorine. This is a very cost efficient method of creating the chlorine needed for pool maintenance, as the salt is used over and over again to produce more chlorine each time it passes over the chlorinator's electrodes. The only way to lose pool salt is through backwashing your pool filter, splashing water out the pool, and a leak. Therefore salt needs to be topped up as needed which can be a standard bag or two every few months. All our chlorinators have an electronic built-in salt tester. The salt bags are a fraction of the cost of chemicals and so much healthier.

  • The advantage of a chlorinator is that the chlorine produced inside the chlorinator cells is pure chlorine. This allows you to eliminate the fillers and additives in over-the-counter chlorine that usually irritate your skin and eyes. Chlorinators dramatically reduce the need for pool water maintenance, chemicals, and possibly pool maintenance services. You also save on algaecides, clarifiers and flocculants as your pool stays clean and clear and should not have the opportunity to go green due to the lack of sanitation. However, You will still need to check your pH balance etc, if the pool goes green and murky, to maintain crystal clear water. A chlorinator takes care of pool water sanitation so you don't have to regularly go outside after work or early in the morning and add chlorine, "floaters" or your other staple maintenance chemicals.

  • We will beat any quote!

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