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Infinity Pool Specialists photo Gallery.

These photos are of some of our recently completed work.

Dainfern College (Dainfern) training pool remarbelite in white.
We had the privilege to marbelite the school's training pool.
New pool completion. We did some repairs and changes to the steps, plastered and fiberglassed in our custom "Infinity Blue"  top / gel coat.
Nature Estate Meyersdal
New pool Build 15m x 4m x (1.8m depth throughout)
We had to close the old pool and build a new training pool out of the ground.
Fourways Gardens Estate.
Nature Estate, Meyersdal.
We came in and finished the pool by adding and removing wall material from opposite sides to correct previous contractor's lines so the pool could fit the tiles that were square with the wall and house.
Cobolt blue mosaics with white fiberglass lining finish. System and Heater.
Pool renovation Brackenhurst , Alberton.
New copings, paving and sky-blue fiberglass reline.
New pool build Meyersdal, Alberton.
Pool built with overflow trough and finished in white marbelite with glass mosaics.
Eco Estate, Meyersdal.
House contractor left pool unfinished.
We came in and corrected the pool after they left.
Stripped out old mosaics, pool squared and leveled.
New mosaics and plaster for fiberglass lining preperation.
Pool renovation Ebotse estate, Rynfield.
New mosaics, marbelite and repairs.

New pool build Helderfontein

New pool build Helderfontein Estate, Sandton
New pool build Broadacres Estate, Sandton
Pool renovation Brackenhurst, Alberton.
New copings, paving and fiberglass lining.
New pool build, Alberton.
Built with wheelchair access ramp.
Rebuild / Renovation Fourways
Old pool was demolished and new pool built 9m x 4m x 2.4m deep.
Before pic of old pool,
We removed this old tiled pool and a large amount of the surrounding area to build ours
Renovation Meyersdal. We did new paving, coping and fiberglass reline.
New standard pool build Alberton.
Randburg pool renovation.
We relined the pool in fiberglass, Sky-blue. We put new pool copings and paving. The system was upgraded and a pool heat pump installed.
The pool below was contracted to be renovated by another contractor, we were called in to take over as the contractor did not finish after four months and the customer's entire quoted amount spent on nothing.
New pool built with bags and concrete reinforced hand packed shell where old  patio steps were before.
Marbelite in white with new mosaics
Marbelite white relining and cobolt blue ceramic mosaic renovation.
Fiberglass relining with sky blue & smartstone paving renovation.
 Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton
Fountain fiberglass relining with sky blue topcoat / gelcoat finish
Fiberglass relining with new mosaics and renovations, Bedfordview.

Top and bottom images: New fiberglass and paving with mosaics.

Below are some completed fiberglass relined pools.
Pool deep end raised with 36 tons of compacted building material and reinforced 150mm thick concrete floor, larger steps built and pool fiberglass lined.
Marbelite pools relining below.
Old marbelite before
Old marbelite before
New marbelite after
New marbelite after
Top and bottom, New Marbelite complete with new mosaics.
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