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The Pool building Specialists!

We build professional, affordable, quality swimming pools.

We specialize in building quality, affordable pools. We can build a budget friendly standard "turnkey" swimming pool to a custom infinity overflow pool of almost any size and design.

We only use the best quality products, techniques and skilled staff to ensure you get the best long term solution for any of your pool building requirements. We pride ourselves on the work we do and the service we offer. We strive to build on our good name and ensure we keep you our customer satisfied. Please note we do the best we can to offer a professionally built, affordable, trouble free swimming pool without compromising on quality.

Standard pool build includes:

  • Build pool required (Length) x (Width) x 1.2m-1.6m (Standard finishing depth) including marblite (Original Cemcrete Poolcrete) finished in white, including standard blue mosaics. (Plaster preparation of raw concrete shell and fiberglass lined finish also available at an additional cost).

  • Dig, square and level hole by hand tool. TLB machine dug hole possible if site suitable, access is available and customer so desires.

  • Concrete (30MPa pool ready mix @ 150mm average thickness) steel reinforced (Ref100 mesh entire surface area + Y10 bar grid & ring beam) shell completed with weir installed, aimflow installed, LED blue light with electrical cable & electrical deck box installed.

  • Includes Flagstone coping (250 x 250) & Flagstone paving (500 x 500) installed. (750mm total standard surround) Additional paving to be quoted for if desired..

  • Includes suction & return SABS approved PVC pipework between pool & system installed.

  • Includes required size Speck combi unit installed with base: (Speck pool pump, Speck pool sand filter with m.p.v complete and silica filter sand, electrical distribution board with main switch, pump & light circuit breakers, pump timer with battery back-up, LED light transformer and a Speck system cover housing with base.

  • Includes pool start up and a free maintenance kit. (Pool brush with a pole, Pool net with a pole, chlorine floater)

  • Main power to please be supplied to the combi unit. (Can be quoted for if needed)

  • Rubble removal excluded. Rock blasting & Jack-hammer rock removal excluded. Pipe and electrical cable rerouting excluded. (Can be quoted for if needed)

  • Warranties on workmanship: Concrete steel reinforced shell 10 years, pool lining 5 years.

  • Warranties on equipment manufacturing defects as given by Speck. (3 years on pump & 5 years on filter, 1 year on LED light globe) Equipment installation & pipework workmanship warranty 1 year.

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We include a workmanship warranty,
on our
equipment we install.
We will beat any valid written quote, while still maintaining our workmanship standards and service.
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