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We have the best pool heat pump for your pool heating needs.

Swimming pool heat pumps

Heat Pumps are extremely efficient, economical machines designed specifically for pool heating. It is similar in operation to that of a typical residential air conditioning system. It is, in fact a heat pump employing a hermetic motor compressor in a refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the ambient air and deliver it to the circulating pool water.
The heat pump concept is recognized as one of the most economic methods of swimming pool heating. Two types of energy sources are utilized to produce the required heat output, the heat from the ambient air and electrical power used to run the compressor. For every unit of electricity uses, it produces 4 to 6 units of heat, extracted from the ambient air.
The efficiency of the heat pump is measured by the coefficient of performance (COP) – i.e. the ratio of energy output to energy input. This is dependent on the ambient air temperature and the temperature of the water of the swimming pool.
As with all swimming pool heating systems, you are advised to use a swimming pool cover when the pool is not in use. This will keep evaporation, the greatest heat loss to a minimum, and so reduce the overall pool heating costs and unwanted frustrations. If no cover is used, it is essential that the heat pump be oversized accordingly. All units sizes and heating capacity stated below is with the use of a solar blanket.


What to know about our Ultra Pool Inverter heat pumps:

  • South Africa's first 5 star rated heat pump giving you the best efficiency and ultra low running costs. 

  • Our heat pumps come standard with a 1 year unconditional warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer defects and defective materials.

  • We give a 1 year on-site installation workmanship warranty on our pool heating installation workmanship.

  • Our heat pumps are energy efficient and virtually silent.

  • Our heat pumps are corrosion resistant and weather proof.

  • Our heat pumps are easy to set and operate by the user.

  • All units are factory tested.

  • Our heat pumps come with a fully functioning LCD display screen and operate using a thermostat system.

Pool heat pump installations include:

  • Pool heat pump delivered and installed.

  • Power cable supplied and installed from pool DB box to your new swimming pool heat pump at system.

  • Circuit breaker supplied and installed in your pool DB box at pool area.

  • Programming and starting of your new pool heat pump upon installation.

  • 1 year on-site installation workmanship warranty on our pool heating installation workmanship.

  • Your pool heat pump manufacturer warranty.

Heat pump sizes:

With solar blanket

Excluding winter

We will beat any quote!

Aqua-Flow (Inverter)

6 Kw Pool heat pump


(30'000 litre pool)

8 Kw Pool heat pump

(30'000 litre pool)

​13 Kw Pool heat pump


(55'000 litre pool)

17 Kw Pool heat pump

70'000 litre pool)

Aqua Pro

5.6 Kw Pool heat pump

(20'000 litre pool)

9.5 Kw Pool heat pump

(40'000 litre pool)

​12.5 Kw Pool heat pump

(60'000 litre pool)

21 Kw Pool heat pump

(100'000 litre pool)

Larger 380v units available on request.

Pool heater, pool heat pump
Above image:
A typical domestic  pool heater installation will look like this. These are weatherproof units, and are designed for the harsh South African climate.
Pool heater, pool heat pump
Above image:
4 x 31kw pool heat pumps installed, replacing some old inefficient units at  St Dunstan's Collage, Rynfield.
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We include a workmanship warranty,
on our
equipment we install.
We will beat any valid written quote, while still maintaining our workmanship standards and service.
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